Online Guest Lecture

Title: Make the future promising again
Objective:To sensitize students about the profession, practice and available explorable opportunities in the post-Covid 19 pandemic era.
Target class: Semester – VIII, Section –A, B, C
Number of students: 115
Number of Faculty: 25
Date: 16.05.2020
Time: 2:30 PM to 5 PM

Faculty coordinators: Anirban Pal

Resource Person:
Name: Ar Saumya Ganguli
Company: Somnium, London
Designation: Director.
Area of specialization: Ar. Saumya is passionate about Art, Design and Architecture; leading his Projects with particular emphasis on innovation, research, sustainability, efficiency and identity.

Students of the 8th semester is proceeding to complete their thesis and onward to Internship for the next year.
While this year is unique, as COVID 19 pandemic had hit hard on the economy and the profession, the students were advised to be more proactive in learning new things at any given opportunity and make out the best. The presentation contained a brief readout and simultaneous small clips of videos of new materials/techniques or services supporting the opportunity proclaimed. This was an interactive session.

Title: What goes on Architectural Portfolio?
Resource person:  Architect Mohini Shetty, Harish &Associates
Objective: To give an overview to the students applying for internship on how to go about the entire process
Target class: VIII A, B, C Semester
Number of students: 80
Time: 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Faculty coordinators:
Ar. Maithily Velangi

The students of VIII Semester, who are not initiating the process to compile the academic portfolio to apply to various firms for their internships for the next semester, the talk was conducted to guide them on how to make a good and informative portfolio.It also covered aspects of professionalism towardswriting emails, talking, approaching them

Platform: Microsoft Teams
Target Audience: Students of IV Semester, Elective II- Heritage Documentation
Number of Students: 26
Date: 16/05/2020
Time: 9 AM to 11 PM

Faculty co-ordinator(s): Shilpa Shirish
Resource Person: Ar. Nishant Upadhyay,
Principal architect, Dharatal, UP, India

The guest lecture focussed on the latest techniques adopted to document heritage with respect to people, culture, and environment. The speaker also shared 6 local, national, and international case studies/projects, where he was involved in as a heritage conservation architect. The talk also laid importance on the integrated approaches of revitalizing heritage values of the traditional communities and creating new activities appropriated with conservation principles, sense of historic buildings and its cultural context, and continuous with local community’s needs.

Title: Concept to Design Development
Resource person:  Architect V. Vishwannatha, Principal- Vishawannath Associates
Objective: For the students of VIII Semester, who are working on their Final year project, the talk intended to give an insight on how to hold on to concept and take it further in design Development.
Target class: VIII A, B,C  Semester
Number of students: 120
Time: 10:30 AM to 01:00PM

Faculty coordinators:
Dr. Mamatha P. Raj, Ar. MaithilyVelangi

The talk covered wide range of projects of the resource person, highlighting the concepts and how these concepts helped and enriched the design process and ultimately to bring quality design output. The interactive sessions was well received with many questions regarding concept and design development being asked by the students.

Objective:To emphasize on Drawing as a tool to find out and various aspect of drawing making and its associative meaning.
Target class: Semester: IV & VI, Section –A, B, C
Number of students: 211
Number of Faculty: 12
Date& Time: 28.04.2020
Time: 10:00 AM to 12.00PM

Resource Person:
Name: Ar Bijoy Ramchandran
Professor, Design chair
 Principal Architect, Hundredhands Bangalore

Organised byDr.Mamatha P Raj

Faculty coordinators:
Dr.Dakshayini Patil

Guest Lectures 1

Title: Making Architecture

Venue: Studio 11

Objective: To educate students about the prospects on possibility of options for higher education in Australia.

Date: 24th Sep 2018

Resource Persons:

  • Dr. Stephen Ward, Associate Professor, Associate head of school, School of Art, Architecture and Design, Australia
  • Darren Turner, Manager, IBD, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, Australia

Guest Lectures 2

Venue: BMS Auditorium

Objective: The Lecture is intended to inspire students to understand the importance of memory associated with places and to sensitise them to imbibe the same in designs.

Date: 28th Sep 2018

Resource Person:
Ar. Bijoy Ramachandran,
Founder, Principal Architect,

Guest Lectures 3

Venue: Studio11

Objective: Study on Post tensioning & Pre fabrication for building components.

Date: 10th Oct 2018

Resource Person(s): Er. Abilash

Guest Lectures 4

Title: 'HVAC systems and Energy efficient design'

Venue: BSN Hall, PG Block

Resource Person:
Dr. Rupesh Iyengar,
Co-founder, Index Workshop LLP,
Singapore & India.

Guest Lectures 5

Title: Sketchup & Vray

Date: 2nd Dec 2018

Objective: To learn the software 3D sketchup and its plugin Vray to enhance their software skills.

Resource Person: Mr. Manjunath, Proprietor, SAI CAD

Guest Lectures 6

Guest Lectures - A Prologue to Architectural Thesis 2019

Objective: To provide guidance to under graduate and post graduate students on the variety and extent and requirement of thesis.

Venue: BMSCA Auditorium

Summary: The session was divided into two segments. First session was dedicated to the post graduate students followed by a detailed discussion for the UG.

Date: 15th Dec 2018

Ar. Rohan Shivkumar,
Architect, Urban designer and Film Maker.
Dean of Academic Development at Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environment Studies