Date: 10-FEB-2020 to 20-FEB-2020
Objectives: To create maps using QGIS and other to get hands on experience of real time mapping.
Resource Person: Mr. Bharata H Srinivasa Data Engineer Mapbox Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore
Class: II Sem, M.Arch (Habitat Design)
Number of Students : 20 students and 4 faculty members.
Date and Timings: 27-29 February 2020, 9.00 Am to 04.00 Pm
Faculty Co-ordinator: Ar. Sindhushree R Prasad
Summary: The workshop provided comprehensive knowledge on use of QGIS and Mapbox tools. The Workshop was scheduled as follows.

Date: 10-FEB-2020 to 20-FEB-2020
The Highlights of Program are

  • Lectures session by Ar. ANUP NAIK, Space Matrix- Architecture Narratives Lt. RICHIK SINHA ROY AND MS. UPASANA SAIJPAL, Art of Living- Yes + Ar. PRASHANTH POLE, Genesis Architects–Design-A Method Dr.S . RAGHUNATH, BMSCE, Materials and Structures.
  • Design Workshop, Theatre Workshop, Resin Workshop.
  • Site Visit.
  • Physical Activity
  • Cultural Events

Date: 21st, 22nd and 23rd January 2020
No of Students:  23
No. of Faculty: 2
No of Resource persons: 1
ANABELLE M VIEGAS CEO /Co-Founder Think Happy Everyday.

Objective: The agenda of conducting this workshopwas about an archetypal element in building construction: the staircase, its reinvention and the meaning it holds to architecture.
A staircase is usually an inverted”L” shape repeated ‘n’ number of times to create a device to ascend or transcend levels. The workshop explored how repetitions, profiles, forms and scalalogy  can be used to change the perspective of what a staircase in and can be.
The workshop was carried out through sketching,3d visualisation and realised as a scaled down through modelling boards,lasercut  materials and 3d prints through a guided process of learning.

Date: 03-Jan – 2020
No of Students : 150
No. of Faculty: 25
No of Resource persons: 2

Professor Aneeruddha Paul, Director, KRVIA , Mumbai Architect Robert Verrijt , Principal, Architecturebrio, Mumbai

Objective: To Expose the students taking up Architectural thesis in their VIII semester to various methodologies that can be applied to conduct a project. The morning session started with Talk by Professor Aneeruddha Paul which gave an insight on methodologies that can be applied to conduct Architectural thesis, importance of data and analysis and importance of research in thesis project. Followed by that, Architect Robert Verrijt , through his projects, demonstrated on understanding context, contradictions and complexities in projects, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

In the afternoon session, the students in groups were given a quick brainstorming exercise to develop one of the projects within groups by applying learnings from morning sessions and interact and get input from the resource persons and faculty.


Title: Resin Art
Date: 19.10.2019
Resource Persons: Mystic Muse, Bangalore
Participants: 35 nos
No. of Faculty: 02
Objective: The workshop intended to give hands on experience to use different material from creating Art. Resin as a material was explored to create Artwork.

Title: Deployable Structures
Date: 18.10.2019 & 19.10.2019
Resource Persons: by Mr. Shyam Chaudhari from Pondicherry and Mr. Harsh Patel from Ahmedabad
Participants: 40 nos
No. of Faculty: 02
Objective: The workshop intended to give hands on experience to participants on deployable structural system, its details and ways to build it. The explorations highlighted the qualities that required lightweight material, unique fixing details and its flexibility to expand and contract and transport desired places.

Title: Mural Art Workshop
Date: 18.10.2019
Resource Persons: Mr. Harshvardhan Kadam from Pune
Participants: 35 nos
No. of Faculty: 02
Objective: The participants were asked to so abstract paintings of the flowers of their choice on walls. With a common coloure theme and style, a 30 feet wall was painted with large scale, colourful display of flower art.

Title: Teacher's Training Program in Collaboration with COA- TRC

Objective: The process of designing in architecture is a complex phenomenon. Architectural design studio discourses at various schools of architecture involve evolution of abstract thoughts into tangible and intangible realities. The design approach, methodology and tools adopted to inspire students for design exploration should explore the contextual aspects and design as per the context.

In this context, a teacher should have varied exposure to various pedagogical environments in order to prepare students to co-relate with complex scenarios in their future professional interface.

The primary objective of this Five day Teacher's Training Program comprising of informative lecture sessions, deliberations, debates and interactive hands-on activities is to promote a value based teaching and learning methodologies for Architectural Design Studio, focussing not only on the physical and visual attributes, but highlighting the role of responsible architecture.

The TTP would provide a platform for the eminent academicians and renowned practicing professionals having diverse expertise to discuss their ideologies, challenges and share unique approaches backed with rich experiences supporting in the evolution of an innovative architectural pedagogical approaches crystalizing into responsible architectural expression.

Target class: Faculty members from various Architectural colleges

No. of Faculty: 26

Date: 29/07/2019 to 02/08/2019

Time: 9:00 am to 04:30 pm

Faculty co-ordinator(s): Sona Alex, Triveni Amarnath

Resource Persons:

  • Ar. Neelkanth Chhaya, Neelkanth Chhaya Architects, Ahmedabad
  • Ar. Jaisim K, Jaisim Fountainhead, Bengaluru
  • Dr. Shashi Bhooshan, BSB Architects, Mysuru
  • Ar. Prem Chandavarkar, C n T Architects, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Nina Chandavarkar, Oikos, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Leena Kumar, Kumar Consultants Architects, Bengaluru
  • Dr. Mamatha P Raj, Director, BMSCA
  • Dr. Vaseem A S, Professor, BMSCA
  • Ar. Bijoy Ramachandran, Hundred Hands, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Vasudevan R Kadalayil, Ecumen Habitat Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Anup Naik, Director, Space Matrix, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Chetan K S, Kham Designs, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Minni Sastry, Associate Director, TERI, Bengaluru
  • Ar. Kochuthommen Mathew, Kochuthommen Associates, Bengaluru, Dubai
  • Ar. Sagar T S, Asst. Prof., Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur
  • Ar. Nithya Ramesh, Team Lead, Jana Urban Space Foundation(India), Bengaluru
  • Ar. Rahul Paul, Senior Associate, InDe, Bengaluru

The Teacher's Training Program was for 5 days with experienced resource persons who gave insights on different scales of architectural design projects which has to be designed considering the context. We had architects and academicians, who spoke on Urban Planning, Urban Design, Site level planning and other context driven projects in terms of construction techniques and so on. The sessions were quite fruitful as faculty members got good ideas and techniques which they can be take forward to their studios.

Title: Guest Lecture- Interactive session
Objective: Prof. Chhaya's interactive session aimed at making students think out of the box.
Target class: Semester-III, V
No. of students: 200
Date: 31/07/19
Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Faculty co-ordinator(s): Sona Alex
Resource Person: Ar. Neelkanth Chhaya
Summary: Prof: Neelkanth Chhaya, an Academician and practicing Architect for forty years has taught at the University of Nairobi, the Institute of Environmental Design at Vallabh Vidyanagar and retired from the position of Dean at the Faculty of Architecture at CEPT University.

His practice has won many Architectural Design Competitions and National Awards for his projects. His practice is focused on culturally and environmentally appropriate design, and has emphasized innovative application of local skills and materials.

With such immense experience, Prof. spoke to students at such a simple dialect which connected with students immediately.

Following were some of the points that Professor stressed upon:

  • Being Indian and understand the Indian cultures, traditions and Indian spaces.
  • Understand local materials.
  • How some things are automatically imbibed into us and faculty members try and make us more aware of it. Eg.: We know how to walk over the years but teachers teach us how to design spaces where we walk.
  • Idea of boredom students face and its repercussions.
  • Creativity and creative mission.
  • Difference between fantasy and reality.
  • He advised students to not look at the most obvious solutions but think out of the box. Try re-imagining and re-thinking.
  • Renew one's visions.
  • Context is determined differently by every user.


Venue: BMSCA, Bull Temple and Gandhi Bazar
Objective: To enhance Sketching and painting skills of Architecture Students.
Target class: Open for Architecture Faculty and Students (UG and PG)
Number of students: 22
Date: 18/07/2019-19/07/2019
Time: 10:00 AM to 4.30PM
Resource Person: Name : Parinitha Konanur
Company : Kesari Studio
Designation : Founder at Kesari studio Illustrator, Author, Designer Bengaluru
Area of specialisation : Fine Arts(BFA & MFA from Chitrakala parishad Bengaluru)
Faculty co-ordinator: Neetha S.N, Sanyogita M, Roopa Chikkalgi
Summary: Sketching is one of the basic skill required in Architecture, we believe Sketching is one of the crucial mode of representation required by the students of architecture throughout their curriculum as well as professionals.

In this regard, two day Workshop on Urban sketching and Painting was conducted for the Students of Architecture and Faculty. The artist helped students with the techniques of sketching and painitng, students were able to create on spot potriats. Second day, Students were taken to Bull temple and Gandhi bazar to witness live activities and bring out the urban sketches and paintings of the vibrant market.

The workshop was concluded by the Director madam giving out the Participation certificates to all the participants and their works were displayed and appricated by madam.

Title: Poster Colour Workshop
Objective: To apply their experience of materials and processes to develop their control of tools and techniques.
Date: 22nd Mar 2019
Resource Person: Hemanth J Rao, Asst. Prof., Artist

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